What to Expect

I get this comment all of the time from clients:
“I’m new to this, how does it work?”

Well, here is a simple walk through of my process to help you navigate your custom portrait session with Emily Charais Photography.

1.  The contact phase:

So you like what you see on my site.  You like that my portraits are just a little different, maybe a little more artsy than what you’ve seen elsewhere, and you think I will be a perfect fit for your dance, senior, or family portrait session.  Yay!  Click on the “CONTACT” form above, and we will get the ball rolling.  You will inquire about dates, or policies, or locations…and I will answer right back within 12-24 hours…usually quicker.

2.  The booking phase:

You’ve gotten all of your questions answered by me, you have a location picked out, a date in mind, and are excited!  Me too!  Next I send an invoice for my booking fee.  This is a non-refundable fee to officially secure your date.  Once this is paid, we are officially booked.  At this time, you can also reserve your ordering session date for the week following your session.

3.  The session planning phase:

This is where I can get really hands on with planning your session.  From choosing a make up artist that fits your style, to helping plan wardrobe over text, to sending along dance pose inspiration…I am at your beck and call.  Seriously.  You have questions, and I love to keep in close contact with my clients.  We are a perfect match!

4.  The session:

Depending on the session you chose, we have our session…and it is a blast (yes, they always are).  I ask that you are punctual and arrive on time, because I like having a full session to work with you, and would hate for you to lose time.  Dancers are better off arriving 10-15 minutes early to stretch and get warm.  I won’t start until you have stretched…injuries are not a part of my sessions!  What I can promise is that our session will be laid back, driven by your personality and style, and will fly by in a blink.

5.  The editing phase:

After our session, I take all of the images I took, and immediately delete all of the images with blinking, off faces, bad form, some guy wearing neon pants and a sweat band in them, and choose my favorite 25-40 images.  I fully retouch them, removing all blemishes, leaving the texture on your skin and hair, and add my own artistic flare to each one.  I edit every single image meticulously by hand to ensure they are the very best representation of you!

6.  The proofing and ordering phase:

When the images are ready and I have given a sneak peek on Instagram or Facebook, you will receive a proofing gallery link.    You will get to see your whole gallery , and oooo and ahhhhhh over how beautiful and amazing you look!   You have a week to make your choices, so be prepared!

7.  Print delivery

In about 1-4 weeks from your ordering session (depending on what you purchase), your print order will arrive at my studio, ready for pick up!  This is a bittersweet time for me.  I want to keep all of the beautiful albums and prints…but know who happy you are having them yourself, so I say goodbye and wish you all of the best.  If you need help deciding where to hang your larger prints, I can help with that too!

So, the process is pretty easy, and I strive to be the easiest professional photographer in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro) to work with!  Go ahead…click CONTACT, let’s get your session process going!

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