So you’ve looked through my entire website and there are still some questions you have?  You are in the right place to get them answered!

1.  I see you mention often that you offer styling.  What does “styling” entail?

-A styled session is one in which I have a hand in picking out wardrobe, hairstyles, accessories, and props.  Typically, all of my sessions are styled at least a small amount.  I encourage my clients to peek through my inspiration boards on Pinterest, and email or text photos of wardrobe ideas and questions, etc.  I am more than happy to send along lists of links for clothing.  For my teens and senior portrait sessions, I suggest bringing 5-10 outfit choices to choose from (not all will be used in all cases), and I style you right on the spot.  You can have as much or as little styling help as you want or need, my styling is completely complimentary and part of my typical session process.

2.  What do I do if it rains on my session day?

-No worries!!  I keep 3 days a week open in case of rain events.  I call the session and reschedule about 2 hours prior to the session if it is raining, or there are severe weather warnings.

3.  Your website says you shoot on-location.  What does on-location mean?

-We work together to find the perfect location for your session, whether it is a cityscape in Minneapolis, a field, or a farm.  It is up to you to pick the feeling you want for your session, and I give you a nice list of locations to choose from.  I travel to those locations within the Twin Cities Metro limits at no additional charge.  If you are interested in hiring me for a travel session, please contact me for travel rates.  I also have a studio located very conveniently in the North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis.  We can use my studio for a place to have your hair and make up done, to do a few studio shots before moving outdoors, or in totality if you prefer a traditional studio look.

4.  How many outfits can I wear during my session?

-You session time is yours!  Typically, my teen and senior girls wear 3-5 outfits for a Luxe session and 2-3 for a Regular session.  Families typically bring 1-2 outfits since it takes more time to change an entire family during a session.

5.  Is retouching included in my session fee?

-YES!  I do FULL retouching to all of my photographs, and it is included in your session fee.  Retouching examples include zapping blemishes away, erasing the little extra bulge here or there, softening scars and wrinkles, and taking care of stains or dirt smudges that kids often get.   I want you to feel like you look your best, and would never deliver unfinished work!  If you have a sneaky blemish pop up on your session day, just relax!  Anything nature throws at us (mosquitoes, blemishes, scars), I’ve got you covered.  Retouching does NOT include things like braces removal, adding dinosaurs, or making your child levitate…that costs more.

6.  Do you photograph families?

-YES! I do photograph families.  I really love working with an entire family to customize a session that shows who you really are!  Some families like to come up with a concept and really play it up (a picnic, flying kites, reading books together), while others just want a day in their life documented.  I love it all, so don’t hesitate to ask, the sky is the limit.

7.  When will I get to see my gallery?

-I try my best to have a regular session gallery done within a week, sometimes in just a few days.  During extreme peak months of July-October, there could be up to a 2 week wait.

8.  Why do you require orders within a week of delivery of the gallery?

-Over the life of my business I have created a schedule that allows me to provide full attention to each of my clients.  I am available to answer all questions, and deliver your gallery fully retouched in record time.  I am known for working hard and quickly to get your photos into your hands as soon as possible.  To ensure I am able to do these things, I need to keep ordering on schedule to prevent overloading of files on my computer, and overloading of my schedule.  I’m like a well oiled machine, and keeping ordering on track is just a part of that.  Secondly this business is how I earn my income.  It is my paycheck, so I require ordering within a week of gallery completion to ensure I am able to budget my life just like all of you do!  I ask that when you schedule your appointment, that you are conscious of this timeline and plan time to make your choices accordingly.  Orders made within one week will have a $50 credit given to them.  Orders placed after this 1 week window will forfeit this credit which will be applied to archiving and rehosting your gallery.

9.  What is an order minimum, and why do you require one?

-Just like everyone that works for a paycheck, I need to ensure my time is spent in a way that I can rely on a budget.  An order minimum provides that for me.  I spend an average of 30 hours on each and every client I serve, and an order minimum is a way of setting my personal wage.  Additionally, over the years, I have recognized print amounts that leave clients a little sad that they are walking away from portraits they love.  I like to think an order minimum sets realistic expectations about what kind of investment you should be realistically expecting.  My clients spend $800-$2200 over 90% of the time, so the order minimum is never hard to reach.  Order minimums are not due up front, but are instead due at ordering.

10.  Why are you such a stick in the mud about copying and altering photos?

-I post previews for my clients on Facebook and Instagram as a courtesy.  I know you are excited to see you portraits, and I am equally excited to show you!  In today’s digital age, I know it is easy to just screen shot or copy an image, throw a filter on it, and post it to a social media site.  The issue is, I am an artist and that image is a representation of my name.  I spend hours meticulously crafting it to be what you see on my website, which is why I ask you to leave it be.  I will provide Instagram versions for you to post that are properly sized in a nice little square, and previews I post to Facebook can always be shared pretty easily!


If you still have questions about custom photography, my process and products, or would like to book, simply fill out a contact form by clicking CONTACT above!